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Dinner with Michael Scott

I honestly watch The Office over and over. When it ends, I usually will take a little break with YouTube shows or actual TV and then gravitate back to restarting The Office. The show just never gets old to me, and I think it’s hilarious and a great show overall.

One of my absolute favorite episodes, and one of many Office fans, is the Dinner Party episode. 

It’s a very cringe worthy half hour and I think one of the best iterations of the show.

We get a tour of Michael and Jan’s condo. Whether we wanted one or not. We learn that Jan has control over most everything in the house as she has an “office” and a “workspace” just for herself. Michael shows off his tiny $200 “plasma screen TV” which later gets smashed with a Dundie after a fight at the dinner party with Jan.

Who else is at the dinner party? Well, Michael specified that it would be couples only. So he invited Jim and Pam, and Andy and Angela. Dwight wants to come, but Michael insists there aren’t enough wine glasses there for him and that it’s a couples event only. So, to their surprise, Dwight still shows up...with his own wine glasses, dinner, wine, and a “date.” The date used to be his babysitter as a kid. 

Dwight is gnawing away on a huge turkey leg and beet salad with about a full bottle of wine’s worth of liquid in a huge wine glass. He doesn’t sit next to his “date.” Instead, he is more interested in Angela.

Jan cooks the dinner, and says the food will need about 3 hours to braise and be ready to eat. Pam hilariously asks, “3 hours from now, or like 3 hours ago when you started cooking?” Jan mentions how in Spain oftentimes dinner isn’t served til midnight. 

It’s funny to see Pam “begging” for food at this dinner party she had no interest in attending initially. 

Jim tries to get out of the party by saying he just got a call and found out that his house just flooded. He says he and Pam need to go and check it out. Somehow, neither of them actually get to leave.

The drama between Jan and Michael is really what makes the episode. They fight about every single thing they can, and the guests are left to sit there awkwardly.

Every second of this episode is hilarious.