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Paul returns to the Cavern Club


Beatles history was made last week once again in Liverpool where Paul announced he would play an extremely limited show at the Cavern Club at 2pm. It was one of those “surprise” gigs like he did back in California in between the two weeks of Desert Trip. In California, he played at a 300-seat Pappy and Harriet’s, which fans went crazy for. This was nothing different last week in Liverpool where fans waited hours upon hours to try to get free tickets to the secret gig.

Now what were the stipulations? Well, I learned online that fans were not allowed to use cell phones during the event and it’s said that Paul even called out a few people in the audience for disobeying the request. I understand the urge to sneak a photo or video, but come’re at a free Paul show. Listen to what the man said! 

There were some complaints that fans didn’t get tickets as they were staying outside the wrong venue hoping that’s where the tickets would be given out. The tickets were given out at Echo Arena, not at the Cavern Club itself. 

Anyways, I love when he does things like that even though there’s no way I could have been there. And I especially will enjoy seeing it in an upcoming documentary which is bound to happen at some point. All of his shows are recorded and these secret ones, especially. The footage is going to be insane. 

It’s said that Paul played a shorter version of his set, with new songs from his upcoming album Egypt Station. He has released two so far and I can’t wait to hear the rest. 

I cannot wait to see the Cavern Club with my own eyes and step inside in December when I’m there for his sold out Echo Arena, Liverpool show.