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Stop downloadable guns

With the popularity and commonality now of 3D printing technology, the advancements and further developments become more accessible to anyone with an internet connection and half a brain. This means it will be super easy to learn how to use a 3D printer on your own, while also creating anything you want to print. Unfortunately, this includes weapons.

You can print guns that will not be traceable with a 3D printer. That is absolutely frightening.

3D printers aren’t cheap by any means, but neither are guns. There are websites that have and will have even more gun blueprints for whoever wants to find them, fully accessible and working.

This idea of downloadable guns completely undermines both federal and state firearm laws, which at their core block gun access for the people who pose the most serious danger to the public.

Another frightening part of this whole concept is that some of these guns can print completely in plastic. This means they wouldn’t go off in metal detectors.

People who can’t pass a background check, including terrorists, can print a gun with a few clicks and some technology. 

This is America.