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"Back in the day" before Spotify and other music streaming services, I used actual music blogs to find the new great songs. One in particular that I checked daily was Illroots.

It's a Chicago based hip-hop/music blog and website that I found countless fire songs on that I still listen to today.


The thing about Illroots was that they had a great mix of music on it. Though it was primarily hip-hop, they had Bruno Mars (before he was huge) and many other sort of underground/lesser known artists that were making great music.

They also made some cool merch. I bought a sweatshirt and a phone case forever ago...when I had an iPhone 5.

Anyways, I don't look at it anymore. And that's because of two reasons. 1) They redesigned the site and ever since then I couldn't get into it. They made the site super image based instead of just simply content based. It was in my opinion way less user friendly and the experience just wasn't there anymore. 2) Spotify. No need to download songs anymore...unless they're really good and for whatever reason not on Spotify (ex. Maria I'm Drunk by Travis Scott, Young Thug and Bieber).

The Illroots days were good, but they're in the past.