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The two rap rivals sit down together

After J.Cole’s song 1985 from his latest album KOD dropped, Lil Pump and the young up and coming SoundCloud rappers became more part of the hip-hop conversation. In the above long interview, the two actually sit down and talk. It’s awkward to watch as Lil Pump has barely anything to say that’s of substance. J.Cole does the majority of the talking, both about himself and how he perceives the younger hip-hop generation.

Cole acknowledges that there’s a difference between the two artists stylistically and also in terms of age and their upbringings. Pump says that he is a Cole fan and supports his songs but it’s not his scene. Pump’s main comments are that he just wants to have fun with what he’s doing and doesn’t want to take it too seriously or else he won’t enjoy it anymore.

The tension between the two different fan bases was also brought up for a bit. Cole goes on to say to Pump, “you’re smarter than what people know, what people might give you credit for.” They then go on to talk about their own relationships with their parents and so on. 

Pump says he basically came up unsigned within a two-month span, and Cole is astonished as it took him, years back, closer to two-years to get recognized after he dropped his mixtape. Cole said he went to school in New York to be closer to the big record labels and he thought in his head that he would signed before he even graduated. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t the case.

The conversation isn’t really about anything singular. But it’s interesting to see the absolute differences between the two in terms of age, consciousness, and the way that they both speak...or don’t. 

I don’t think Pump was ready to be real and vulnerable, unless that’s honestly just how he is but that’s not how image on instagram and social media in general. Pump was humble though, which is what one would imagine in front of rap legend J.Cole. 

I so respect Cole for even bothering to do this. He’s open to the conversation, literally, and realizes that music is going into another direction just because of the age difference. I certainly wouldn’t expect any sort of collaboration between the two or much more of anything. I definitely didn’t expect to see them sit down and clear the air.