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Tampa cult


This morning on Twitter I saw multiple accounts that I follow posting the same video clip from last night’s Trump Rally in Tampa. The reason it bothers me is not because we have very different views on issues, but rather their immature and innapropriate demeanor while being knowingly filmed.

Some flicked off the cameras, some held hateful signs, and others just were yelling chants the entire time. Sure, all of this in theory is just fine, but why does it have to be so hateful? 

As security looked on, supporters wearing MAGA hats and holding signs peddling popular right-wing conspiracy theories jeered and swore at the assembled press, with many of the mainly white crowd holding up a middle finger.
Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 12.55.34 PM.png

When CNN reporter, James Acosta, started speaking, the crowd gets even more rowdy yelling their disapproval of the network isn’t the background by saying “CNN sucks” and greeting him with middle fingers. Then, this morning, our President showed his public approval of the behavior at the rally by retweeting his son Eric’s tweet.

One Trump supporter showed off a “F*** the media” T-shirt, while others could be heard branding the press “a piece of s***” and shouting, “Stop lying”. 
One woman appeared to swear at Jim Acosta, a CNN news anchor, while shouting: “Hey Jim, you suck!”

These are the people that will be voting on November 6th. People that are outwardly hateful and have no shame in the world seeing them flick off others at a political rally. Maybe it’s a small segment of supporters, of course that’s a possibility, but it’s just a really bad look nonetheless. Not helping Trump’s controversial case at all.  It really looks like a hateful cult.

I think part of the reason we can’t come together as much as we may want to is because we generalize both sides of the political parties into these two categories of people who yell and scream and swear and flick people off and then the other side. There’s bad everywhere, but don’t encourage it.

Some interesting quotes that I find relevant: 

”The loudest voice is rarely the smartest voice.” 
”A wise man once said nothing at all.” 

I don’t know if this post makes any sense at all. It’s just my unedited thoughts after seeing the clip all over my Twitter feed.

I found some words on this that I really like from a Vox article: 

 “This isn’t a matter of Trump violating some abstract, airy-fairy “democratic norms.” This is the president whipping up hatred of the media in tweets and public appearances, watching it blossom into a reporter becoming a target of hate at one of his rallies, and then expressing his satisfaction with how his supporters are acting on his messages. This is not the way leaders of a democratic country are supposed to behave. Yet so far, Trump has pretty much been rewarded for it.”