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eBay for hypebeasts

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Finding legitimate and authentic clothing at a reasonable price in street wear culture has been complicated, but it’s getting easier. There are a few different sites which offer their authentification services as part of the price you’re paying for the item. So, how does it work exactly and what do I mean?

Take eBay for example. Say you are looking for a pair of Yeezy’s. Any pair of Yeezy’s. You can sort by sellers and see who has the best feedback, or maybe you go by price trying to score the best deal, but how do you really confirm before committing to the purchase that the item is exactly as it says it is? You can research on your own (YouTube is a great resource to get information from) and analyze the photos they uploaded (hopefully the photos aren’t just stock photos they stole from someone else’s posting) and count thread marks on the back of the sneaker and hope for the best, but that’s still a gamble. You won’t know if the shoes you copped are legit til they show up at your door, assuming they even arrive. 

That’s where sites like StockX comes into play. They offer the same sort of environment as eBay but without the risk of fake merchandise by offering their “free” authenificaiton service. How does it work? Well, after you purchase an item off StockX, the seller has to ship the item TO StockX, NOT directly to you. When it arrives, StockX analyzes it and ensures its authenticity, then ships it on to the buyer. If the item you ordered arrives at Stock and is fake, you get your money back. Simple as that.

The drawback? Waiting a little bit longer for your stuff. But, at least you know it’s real. 

Another cool option on the site is the “bidding” option. If you don’t want to go all the way in at first and just “Buy Now,” you can bid. Obviously, highest bidder wins, just as it works on eBay. You can also add items you are interested in to a “follow” category on StockX where you receive emails as the price drops to entice you to buy now at its lowest price. I have to say, it’s a great marketing tactic. I got about 6 emails in a row about price changes on one item last night and I was really close to just buying the North Face x Supreme duffle. It’s thrilling in a way. 

I’ve ordered one thing from StockX so far, and am waitin for it to arrive. It has been authenticated and I am excited to get it!