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Shaky video is dead

Last week GoPro announced its newest lineup…the GoPro 7 series. The main attraction and difference with this line of GoPros is the introduction of a new technology, marketed as HyperSmooth Video. Basically, it means you won’t need to use any sort of additional gimble to stabilize your footage. This is huge.

There is also more focus on Superphoto technology, which is essentially HDR and local tone mapping with noise reduction, regardless of the lighting situation your camera finds itself working in.

Social media has also come to the GoPro in the sense that you can now Live Stream with your camera, and send your clips instantly to Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 11.59.22 AM.png

This certainly is the best GoPro ever, but honestly it’s not like they are going to backtrack. So duh, it’s the best one yet. That’s common sense. But it could be the perfect solution for anyone looking for a small camera…someone who doesn’t solely want to rely on their smartphone’s native camera.

Personally, I am interested in this camera. The small footprint and the promo that offers you $100 off a new GoPro for your old one (trade in and trade up) seems like a pretty solid way to get rid of an old camera I’m not using anyway. I may grab it in a few months. It would be cool to bring traveling.