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Carter V


I’ve always been a Wayne fan. Especially since Tha Carter III album came out. I remember bumping that whole album top to bottom every day, and still do actually, cause I like it so much. I’ve heard rumors about Tha Carter V but didn’t keep up with it because I am familiar with Wayne’s releases and how the dates flip flop super frequently. I knew I would see it on Twitter or YouTube when updates came out, and I sure did.

For a half-decade or more, he stood as hip-hop's tatted-up anomaly, the self-professed monster who ate rappers for breakfast while inhabiting a universe of his own creation. But in the time since Lil Wayne's late-2000s breakthrough, when platinum albums and a flood of mixtapes tipped him into cultural ubiquity, nothing has done as much to keep his legend alive as the music he didn't release. After years of creative, financial and legal struggles with his industry daddy Bryan "Baby" Williams, the rapper reached a settlement this summer freeing him from his longtime label Cash Money and clearing the way for him to release the album fans have awaited since 2011, when the last installment of his Carter series fell on ambivalent ears.

Today, after years of rumor and speculation, the case was closed in a message from the man himself. Tha Carter V is scheduled to arrive the night of Sept. 27 — Wayne's 36th birthday — along with a decade's worth of baggage.

I am really excited for this project. It looks like tomorrow will be a big day for hip-hop, at least for me. Logic is also releasing a new full length project called YSIV. I also feel like there’s another project that drops tomorrow, too, but I am forgetting it now. Maybe not.

I hope it’s a different, fresh Wayne. I hope the time it took to get this project out was worth it. I hope it lives up to the hype and the “Carter” legacy. Wayne in the past has also confirmed that this project will be his last in the “Carter” series. So one would think he’ll end it on the highest note he can, literally and figuratively, but who knows.

Tomorrow we will see.