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Where "Rap Devil" falls short

Though truthfully I have listened to this diss track and watched the video basically nonstop this week as my schedule permits, I’ve come to think beyond my first impression of “holy s***, he killed Eminem.”

Of course it’s a great diss track and it’s just impressive that he did it so quickly and produced a music video for it right away. Who else has dissed Em? Ja Rule? Very few.  But it’s not like an end all diss. I think Em will respond. Obviously, I do not know when since it took him 6 years to respond verbally over the Tweet Machine Gun Kelly posted back in 2012, but I bet you Em points out a few things I’m thinking. And of course, lots more.

One of the first things I am thinking now after listening to the track so much is that Kells doesn’t even apologize for tweeting that in the first place. He has tons of animosity for Em’s slapback but he just doesn’t say “sorry, I was younger and dumber,” or anything easy like that. He just goes on to say “the big bad bully of the rap game can’t take a f****** joke.” What he tweeted back in 2012 was not a joke. Just because he praised Em as a king doesn’t make it a joke. It actually makes it more real in ways.

Also, you would think that since they’re both fathers, Kells would find it easy to sympathize and think of when his own daughter grows up and people say stuff about her. It’s obviously going to affect him, as it should any parent.

And the chorus. He spits the chorus three times over this diss’s a long song, but what he’s saying is not super substantial. “Sick of those sweatsuits and those corny hats—let’s talk about it.” Though Em doesn’t show up in the public too often at all, he probably isn’t wearing those dumb sweatsuits anymore. Yes, he wears dumb hats so I guess that’s fine but it’s not like a substantial diss. It’s face value, but I guess that could be what a lot of “dissing” is.

What I respect about the track is that Kells does call Eminem a legend and say he’s in everybody’s top 10. That’s true, cause first and foremost Kells is an Eminem fan. 

But the track is also strung with countless 8 mile jokes, none of which are really saying anything besides the fact that they’re extremely clever. 

I also don’t think Kells should have mentioned Hailie’s name again in the track considering that’s essentially what caused this whole thing to begin with. But, it’s Machine Gun Kelly. He doesn’t care. He does what he wants. 

Overall I still love the track but I don’t think it’s like an ultimate Eminem diss. It’s really good, don’t get me wrong, but Em can and most likely will slap back even harder and where it actually hurts.