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365 posts later

It’s been a year.

haven’t missed one post. Now that’s not to say that I’ve written every post the same day it was published, but for the most part, they were scheduled a day or so in advance. The main issue I had with maintaining the daily blog arose when I was traveling. I had a week trip to Austin and then a week in Liverpool and it threw things off.

I did, catch up after I got back from my trip, but the posts were more forced than I would have liked.

Though this is not comparable to daily vloggers, I can understand a sense of their frustration in the sense that they had to find new content to show each day. A blog is much more forgiving. You can post days later and date it whatever it needs to be, or the opposite, moving forward.

I think I am going to try to keep going with a daily post moving forward, and we will see how long it continues.

My favorite posts were ones written reflectively…of course, not the forced ones. I like the longer album reviews I did at the beginning of the series and then some reflective ones when tragedies occurred around the world.