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Austin City Limits switched Travis Scott's day


A few weeks ago Austin City Limits announced that there were some changes to their schedule on Saturday. Saturday was one of the days I was most excited about because Travis Scott was headlining that night. Me and my friend coming with me both have tickets for Saturday to see him. But they switched him to Sunday. Luckily for me, I have a 3-day pass, but Amanda only has a Saturday ticket. So our next best bet was to see Metallica, out of the other headliners on Saturday. I really had no interest in that. But then Austin City Limits announced that Lil Wayne is being added to the lineup on Saturday and will be headlining!

So stoked. I can’t think of a greater time to see him. He just released Tha Carter V, an album I honestly cannot stop listening to all the way through. I saw Lil Wayne perform with 2 Chainz at Chance The Rapper’s music festival in Chicago, Magnificent Coloring Day. It was really cool, but it was with 2 Chainz. I like 2 Chainz, but Wayne is better.

Of course my main reason for going to Austin is to see Paul McCartney headline on Friday night of weekend two. But now that Wayne is on the list, I am equally excited to see him. And am so happy that Amanda has her ticket to go, too!

Travis Scott is headlining Sunday now, so I’m not sure if I’ll even go. The goal was to see him, but who knows if we will go.

More to come, after the show.

PS. I have to add that I’m so happy that we opted for the second week. Lil Wayne wasn’t on the schedule for week one!