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Background checks are essential

I recently read a very eye-opening article from Everytown about a hot topic in regards to gun control...Background Checks.

They have a very telling infographic on their site as well. Image below:

It's a very simple concept. But still, not everyone is on board. But I respect Evertown for all of their efforts in providing information and educating people while also pushing for the gun safety we all so desperately need.

Background checks performed by federally licensed firearms dealers are the only systematic way to prevent dangerous people from buying firearms. But a gap in the law allows felons, domestic abusers, and the severely mentally ill to avoid background checks by buying guns from unlicensed sellers--often through anonymous online transactions--who are not required by federal law to conduct checks.

From their infographic, it shows that safety is increased by almost 50% across the board in states where background checks are being implemented. This specifically references women, law enforcement officers, suicide victims, and gun trafficking.

Interestingly enough, it shows that both Democratic and Republican parties support the idea of background checks at 90% or more.

A June 2016 Quinnipiac University poll found that 93% of Americans support requiring a background check on all gun buyers, including 98% of Democrats and 90% of Republicans.
— Everytown - Background Checks Save Lives

So the facts are all there.

Requiring a background check for EVERY GUN SALE saves lives.

Doing more research, I also found this site which I found very useful, in that it listed all the stats about Illinois. You can view it here.

You can also compare your state's "score" with that of other states here. It shows Illinois has a B+.