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Logic vs Bobby Tarantino

This past week all I've been listening to, almost nonstop, is Bobby Tarantino II by Logic.

It's really interesting to me. I never thought of Logic and Bobby as two different people, but it so makes sense. The opening track, "Grandpa's Space Ship," digs apart Logic vs. Bobby. It's a spoof on Rick and Morty (I've never seen it but they say their I'm assuming.)

Logic is the conscious rapper who moves crowds and speaks on equality, peace, love and positivity. He inspires.

Bobby Tarantino is the rapper who flexes and talks on the standard loves of hip-hop. Money, fame, girls, cars, drugs. We know how this works. He drops mixtapes to party to. He doesn't release albums.

Get it?

Anyway, I love the album and concept behind the two personas. The production on this mixtape is top-notch per usual. Some of my favorite tracks on the tape are "BoomTrap Protocol," "Indica Badu," "Warm It Up," "Wizard Of Oz," "Wassup," and "Everyday."

The songs I didn't mention are great as part of the tape, but aren't necessarily tracks I would listen to shuffled in any other playlist.

He also uses a bit of auto-tune on this album which compliments his vocals dynamically. Bobby's use of auto-tune is almost the equivalent of when Logic sings (which I love).

Overall, I am extremely excited about this project and will continue to bump it until something new drops that has my attention. And now I really wanna go see Logic in concert again.