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Brothers who can cook, and teach

The Brothers Green (Josh, left; Mike, right)

The Brothers Green (Josh, left; Mike, right)

YouTube is so absolutely filled with content, sometimes it can be hard or seem overwhelming to pick and choose a channel to watch that appeals to you. Or even get behind the idea of watching YouTube at all.

I've spent a lot of time on YouTube. I have my own channel, nothing big AT ALL and I'm not trying to promote that here, but for me it is just a space where I can share my videos from concerts and re-watch them later. And hey if other people like them, that's even better. But it's kinda crazy. So many YouTube content creators use that as a full-time job. And rightfully so, they take production very seriously and regularly uploading is essentially their job security.

I've already written a bit about Casey Neistat, so I'll choose another of my favorite YouTube channels to focus on for this post. This one...a cooking channel, called Brothers Green Eats. As the name suggests, it's two brothers who cook. Sometimes together, sometimes not.

They arguably make the coolest and most informative, down-to-earth cooking videos ever. Could they be on Food Network? Yes. And they have. They were on an episode of Chopped, which was so cool to see. I also know they've been on Rachael Ray...who knows what else.

They also had this cool segment called Midnight Munchies. It was cool while it lasted but since their split, the content has gotten even better and they seem to have more control on their production quality and story-telling. Below is one video from their Midnight Munchies segment. Oh. There's a few uncensored swear words in this one. FYI.

What I like most about them is their approach to food is so different than what we are used to seeing on Food Network and Cooking Channel and everywhere else. Not everything is perfect. They are real people. And they really just do what feels right to them. There's something super artistically humble about that.

They're also just absolute food experts. And they convey their knowledge to the YouTube audience in a very approachable way. It's extremely refreshing and non-pretentious. They have longer segments where they explain basic introductions to non-American cultures, and make it super engaging and informative, while cooking on screen.

They also do fun challenges where they limit themselves to only using $3.00 a day and hold themselves to cooking with just 12 quarters. Or strictly vegan recipes. They just make it work. And it's so cool to see such a fresh (literally) outlook on food and life.

Some of my favorite videos are below. They are one channel that I subscribe to on YouTube that when they post a video, I am watching it, no matter what.

Check out more of their channel here, and be sure to subscribe. Their content is awesome, literally every time.

When you check them out, tell me your thoughts below!