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I agree with Casey Anthony's jury

This weekend started an in-depth 3-part Casey Anthony documentary on Oxygen. Each episode is 2-hours and dives super deep into the controversial "most hated woman in America" / "tot mom" case that happened 10 years ago when Casey's daughter "went missing" but was not reported missing for 31 days.

The documentary series is extremely interesting as it looks at both sides of the arguments and actually had Cheney Mason and Jeff Ashton on the show to discuss their major roles and their thoughts on why the case turned out as it so infamously did. It would have been even more interesting to see Jose Baez (the more famous of Casey's defense) speak about his "victory," but that didn't happen.

Jeff Ashton, Casey's prosecution, infamously retired after the case as he was so outraged with the jury's ruling.

Though I also agree with Jeff's mindset and his annoyance with the judicial system, I wouldn't go so far as to say that the jury did anything wrong. There literally was no DNA evidence connecting Casey to the remains of her 2 year and 10 month old little daughter.

Everything was so circumstantial that it deemed it impossible to pin on Casey without doubt. Common sense certainly points to Casey and I do believe she killed her daughter to live the life she had wanted to turn back to, but unfortunately the proof was just not directly there. She lucked out so bad but she has to live with herself now...though she has said in a recent interview that she sleeps pretty good at night.