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Stop charging your phone overnight

You may have heard the warning of not to charge your phone or other electronics overnight, but not really understood why. Maybe you disregarded it. Or maybe you don't do it, just cause.

The reason why you shouldn't is actually quite simple:

  • Your phone contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • These batteries charge faster than traditional rechargeable batteries
  • Even though most cables and chargers are 'smart,' and stop talking to your phone after it reaches 100%, the fact that it's plugged in when it doesn't need to be stresses the battery and will over time reduce the capacity

The recommended time to charge your phone is when it reaches 35% or 40%. The "experts" say don't wait until it reaches 0%, as full discharge of the battery wears out your phone/devices's battery faster than do partial charges.

Important to know? Maybe. Will it stop you? Maybe not.