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Covers vs. originals

This isn't a new find or anything but it's been in my head a lot lately so I figured I'd write about it here today. I've been a Lana fan ever since my younger sister introduced me to her music, and I really like when she covers older songs that you might not expect her to sing. The above video is no exception.

It's Lana covering Leonard Cohen's classic Chelsea Hotel No 2 in her own way, yet still, in many ways, staying true to that calamity and strong, yet soft voice that Leonard is known for.

I love that she not only sang this song as a cover, but also produced a nice music video for it, too. I think it’s really cool when artists like this do that because it will get younger listeners into Leonard Cohen himself, and more of his other original songs. 

Another artist who got me into another artist is Mac Miller. He covered some songs by Bright Eyes, who I have written about before on this blog, and made me a fan. I think there’s some fact in this concept that whichever version of a song you hear first, you are more likely to lean towards in favor of. Example: I heard Mac Miller cover Lua by Bright Eyes, and then I went into Bright Eyes music catalog and listened to the original and the feelings just weren’t the same for me. And it’s strange in a way because the way Bright Eyes sings is very raw and real, so the vulnerability is higher and production less, in theory that’s got my name all over it. I’ve written about this a ton of times before but I just love vulnerability and rawness in music. Nothing compares to it, except when you hear someone else sing a cover of the song first.

The same sort of thing happened with the same two artists. Mac Miller also covered another Bright Eyes track, this one being First Day Of My Life. They are both beautiful songs and I do love both versions, but I do gravitate towards the Mac Miller one, I think because I heard it first. 

Does anyone else experience that? It certainly doesn’t make me not like the original version, but I just gravitate towards the other in most cases.