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Cher loves being Cher

Recently I’ve really gotten into Cher’s music. I always knew about her, of course, but I’ve been listening to her more and more and the other day I got an email about her upcoming tour and it made me really wanna go see her in concert. I watched a few videos on YouTube of her performing last year and her voice still sounds great—I’m so excited.

Right now my favorite track by her is I Found Someone. It’s such a great sing-a-long song honestly. And I really can’t believe she’s 72.

She also is releasing an album on September 28th, Dancing Queen, which features ABBA covers. “[The album can otherwise be noted] as exactly the album we didn’t know we needed” (Entertainment Weekly). This is, of course, after she was in the Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again film, where she stared as the chic-est grandmother of all time.  Her versions of these ABBA classics are, “a lot freer. I’m a news junkie, and these are rough times. But when I was recording, I got swept up in the fun of it. The songs are silly and crazy, and for the album, I chose the ones that are saddest and the most fun.” I love that combination.

Another interesting part of this interview on Entertainment Weekly involves President Trump and her Twitter account. She was asked if she worries at all about alienating Trump supporters with her political tweets. She responded, “Trump voters don’t like me anyway. And I don’t blame them. I say terrible, true things about him. I hate him because he’s using his job to make money. But mostly, I hate him because he’s tearing this country down, and it’s going to take generations to put it back together, if we even can.”