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My favorite albums of all time

I am obsessed with music. I guess I can become obsessed with almost anything, just something weird about me.

I remember first getting into music with The Spice Girls. That then progressed into my love for boy bands, specifically Nsync, BBmak, Dream Street, LFO...and all the like. And then I was introduced to hip-hop, I think from hearing Without Me by Eminem on the radio. The edited version, of course. And then in middle school music class, I remember we studied a unit on The Beatles. Ever since then, I was hooked. Of course other artists and bands and genres have come into my playlists and concert experiences, but those are sort of the main points I can remember in this musical journey and, for lack of a better word, obsession.

Below is a list of my favorite albums of all time. It may seem extremely random, and it is, but each album is one that I can listen to any track on at any given time and be happy. Those are sort of my parameters for getting on the list. Also, I don't add anything right when it comes out. That's premature. Over time, if I still continue to go back to a certain album or project, it makes the list. (The list is in no particular order.)

Tapestry by Carole King


Her songwriting and singing is purely captivating. The first Carole song I heard was So Far Away and since hearing that, I had to delve more into her catalog.

Band On The Run by Paul McCartney & Wings


I will admit that I am ashamed I did not get into this album earlier. But I bought it the weekend or so before my first Paul show (Lollapalooza in 2015). I fell in love.

Under Pressure by Logic


This is the most recent release on my list. I remember buying it at Target after hearing people talk so much about it online and on hip-hop forums. This is a hip-hop masterpiece in my eyes.

Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne


I remember hearing Lollipop on the radio and hated it, but I am a Wayne fan so I had to cop. This is his best work in my opinion.

Justified by Justin Timberlake


I said this list was random, right? His voice is perfect on every track on this album. I think it's really underrated in music overall just cause he was in Nsync.

American Idiot by Green Day


I remember this album as sort of my introduction to a loose "concept album." I have no idea what they're talking about in a lot of the songs, but it's incredible none the less.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West


There's not a lot I can say about this one besides it is a beautiful hip-hop album. It is very orchestral and feels absolutely complete.

Back To Black by Amy Winehouse

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I got into Amy's music after she had already passed, and for that I am sad. But this album is such gold. Her voice is incredible and her delivery gets me every time.

Waiting For My Rocket To Come by Jason Mraz


I remember being obsessed with this album in 6th grade...and I was going to a camp for school and wasn't allowed to bring MP3 players or any technology. I was sad I couldn't listen to the album so I printed out the lyrics and had them in a binder so I could sing it in my head.

The College Dropout by Kanye West


Highly respected across hip-hop culture as one of the best releases in the genre and by Kanye, I just love this album. It has a storyline and it progresses with each track. This album also introduced me to Talib Kweli.

MTV Unplugged by Nirvana


I got into Nirvana from an art class I took in college. The professor literally played this album and other songs (Lou Reed, Nirvana, Velvet Underground, etc.) on repeat for each three-hour session. Kurt's voice on Where Did You Sleep Last Night? is so incredible.

In The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith


This one is also a pretty recent release to be on the list but I feel it is warranted. Sam's voice and storytelling ability is very well executed on this project.

Kid A by Radiohead


I got into this project and band my junior year of college. I hear Machine Gun Kelly talk about how great this album is and I so agree. It's the perfect album to fall asleep to. With every listen, I am seriously transported to my apartment at college.

The Eminem Show by Eminem


Like I said earlier, Without Me on the radio got me into hip-hop as I remember. I bought the edited version of this album after church one night at Walgreens with my mom and sister.