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Food grails

I like to write about YouTube channels I watch because I watch a lot of YouTube.

Another channel I really enjoy is Complex. They post a lot of short news segments based on current events and what's going on in the world, in music, and pop culture. They have a secondary channel called "First We Feast," where Sean Evan's segment "Hot Ones" (which I've written about before, is hosted.

Miss Info

Miss Info

First We Feast has a segment called "Food Grails" where they do a deep dive into one food's origin and cover it in full detail with context to the culture and people from the area. Food Grails is hosted by Miss Info.

Here's an episode on the NY chopped cheese sandwich. It's the "unknown" sandwich of New York that all the bodega goers know and live by. Tourists aren't going to NYC for a chopped cheese, but people living in South Harlem are stopping at the corner store to grab a $5 chopped cheese every day.

It's a super interesting segment and a super informative one as well. There is real substance in these productions so I always find myself tuning back in. It's introspective to learn what the locals are eating, especially in states I've never been to. When I went to ATL, I made sure to get some lemon pepper wings from J.R. Crickets and they were fire.

The show's production is on point as well which boosts the show's game. Watch a few episodes and you'll see.