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The dark horse

The Best Of George Harrison CD

The Best Of George Harrison CD

I remember first getting into George Harrison's solo career with a generic greatest hits album of his. I started that way with a lot of artists because it let you get a good taste of the artist without having to delve too deep into a large catalog of tunes. The album I had (and still have, actually) is The Best Of George Harrison.

I fully absorbed myself into the music of this compilation. I really miss the days of CDs and the days before Spotify and such easy instant access to music because CDs made you really listen to the full project. Vinyl and cassette too.

The album starts with Something. A classic Beatles track off Abbey Road. A beautiful love song written for Pattie Boyd.

The second song is If I Needed Someone, which is another Beatles track that George wrote. I especially loved this compilation album because it combined both Beatles tracks with his solo tracks. I would say the majority of "greatest hits" albums do not do that.

Another classic from Abbey Road. I guess the entire Abbey Road album is classic, though, so that's really not much of a statement at all. Here Comes The Sun is always a favorite.

Taxman was off the Revolver album.

Think For Yourself is next and it is a great George song where he's sort of starting this philosophical/introspective way of thinking. Another Beatles one.

For You Blue is a really underrated George song in my opinion. It's a sweet song. "Because you're sweet and lovely, I love you."

While My Guitar Gently Weeps is another classic George/Beatles hit. I keep saying that, but honestly they're all so good. This was a milestone in the White Album project.

And now for some solo material...My Sweet Lord is the one solo song that really got me interested in George's religion and Hindu philosophy in general. It opened the door for me to engage in the All Things Must Pass album, which is one of my favorites.

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) reminds me of Christmas. I think I really got into this album around Christmas time one year (I wanna say in 7th grade), and that'll always be stuck in my head. I like this song as it's just a simple hope for peace. It's essentially George's version of Give Peace A Chance.

You is a song, by George which is also, very underrated in my opinion. His vocals are really something on here.

Bangladesh is George crying out to humanity to help a starving poverished country. The humility in this song is what appeals most to me.

Next is Dark Horse. I like his vocal inflection on this one. His sound is a bit deeper, raspier, and it's kind of an autobiographical song when you think about it.

What Is Life is a classic solo George hit that most everyone knows when they hear it. Another love song that you need to hear.

George's solo career was the first one that I remember really delving into after getting into The Beatles in middle school. John was shortly after. And Paul is infininte.