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An album I never thought I'd listen to

I never ever thought I would listen to an album from anyone in One Direction. Honestly. I feel super hypocritical saying this, but there's just some sort of stigma attached to anyone from boy bands or the young hair flip Justin Bieber days. There's even a stigma attached to *Nsync and Backstreet Boys. Those, I don't care about, because I was young when they were big and I still feel they were pivotal for music. I just didn't have that with One Direction because of my age.

"Harry Styles" Styles

"Harry Styles" Styles

Anyways, my younger sister told me to give Harry Styles' self-titled debut album a listen, and so I did. She has good music taste so even when she tells me something to listen to that I have some preconceived notion of hating, I still listen.

And now it's an album I go back to and listen to from top to bottom, constantly. And in my opinion, there's no filler songs on it.

There is such maturity, vulnerability and artistic voice shown thematically in this album. Also, the guy can just sing...obviously.

The whole album is great. Really...listen to it all the way through. Below is a list of my favorite tracks:


The intro. track to the album. It starts off sort of melodramatic with a sort of mysterious undertone. The narrative moves the song quite quickly as the chorus starts. "I gotta get better...and maybe we'll work it out." The theme of personal growth and maturity are strong to me on this song.


Such a great song and powerful delivery. I HONESTLY really thought it was a cover song from someone from the 70s when I first heard it. Very impressive song (and album) for Harry. The lyrics and vocals are so pretty. You just have to listen to this full song. There is so much emotion in this song...please just listen to it super loud. Dramatic video below, but amazing song.


This is one song I feel could have been written by a Beatle. Lennon-McCartney to be exact. For the Revolver album. "We're not who we used to be." "Trying to remember how it feels to have a heart, beat." This song is about the aftermath of a failed relationship. How you are a changed person. I love this live performance below. He added some extra background harmonies. Can't lie...his pants kinda freak me out, though.


Another one I could see a Beatle singing. Peep 4:36. That is all.


This track is super vulnerable and very poetic to me. "Comfortable silence is so over rated. Why won't you ever be the first one to break?" I love the harmonizing on this song as well. A great finish to his self-titled debut album. Not the greatest video, but it shows how powerful the song is to the audience in the pit.

Overall...I love this album. I have it on CD and vinyl record. It's one of my favorites. I'm trying to get my uncle to give it a chance. I still listen to it without skipping a single track. That's how you know it's good. Give it a listen. It's poetic and artistic. I really never thought I would listen to it...write about it...or LIKE it. But I do. A LOT!