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Hot ones

Sean Evans

Sean Evans

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I love watching YouTube. I definitely watch way more YouTube content than I do Netflix, Hulu or "actual TV" content. I think the appeal, for me, is that it's typically shorter spurts of content, which are easier to consume and absorb...also, the options are limitless. You can find a channel for just about anything now, and production quality is stressed more than ever which is awesome to see.

Anyways, another channel that I absolutely love is First We Feast.

If you haven't heard of's an awesome food-focused channel with Complex attitude and personality. And that's because it's part of Complex. But I'm just trying to say that it's an awesome channel and you should watch it.

One segment, in particular, is called Hot Ones and is hosted by Sean Evans. It's a crazy interview style show where Sean interviews celebrities (it ranges so much...he has interviewed Casey Neistat to Rachael Ray to Logic to James Franco). The premise is that they eat a chicken wing, then ask/answer an interview question. The catch is that as the show progresses, the wings get substantially hotter. And the questions can get more intense as well.

It's such a unique concept for a YouTube show that I can't get enough of it. I watch it almost every time, even when I don't know the celebrity being interviewed. Sean is a great host and he holds his own with the wings every time.

Watch some of my favorite interviews below:

Yes, I linked a ton of videos above because I think they're hilarious. Definitely check out the First We Feast channel. There's so much great content on there...I'll probably write about another one in the future.