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Jenelle’s road rage

Last night I was catching up on some older episodes of MTV’s classic reality show, Teen Mom 2. And whenever I watch the show, seemingly “crazy” and “absurd” things happen. That’s a regular part of reality TV. But this particular instance with Jenelle Evans (the mother who skipped court to go to a Ke$ha concert) had me really bothered.

It involved road rage. A “huge truck” was tailgating her on the highway. Nobody likes that—I understand her annoyance and stress with that. The car behind her then moves in front of her to pass her car, and then slams on the breaks obnoxiously. Jenelle’s son’s face almost smashed into the dashboard and Jenelle is, in my opinion, fair for freaking out. That’s horribly unsafe driving. 

It works Jenelle up so much that she decides it’s a great idea to follow the truck to his house and then call the police. So that’s what she did. She calls the police, explains what she’s doing, then follows the crazy tailgater to his house.  There’s a second where you see Jenelle grab something from the side door and move it in between her seat and the middle console. (Spoiler alert: it’s a firearm.)

Once they (Jenelle and her son) arrive at the driver’s house, the driver tries to block her in so she can’t leave. He is screaming at her and she is screaming back at him. The police still have not arrived. Jenelle tries to back up out of there, and accidentally hits the guys mailbox. This pisses the guy off even more, rightfully so, so he starts driving towards them and hits her car in a few different spots. It’s not a huge accident, but he still did technically hit her car. I believe it’s at that point where Jenelle points the firearm at the guy saying something along the lines of “you’re going to jail!” This is still happening, all while her son is in the front seat.

The problem with this whole scenario to me is not even the gun. It’s the absolute lack of common sense. Don’t follow aggressive drivers thinking that will solve anything! It will only make things worse! What if he had a gun too? And then went into a shootout? Her son is literally right in the front passenger seat. 

I don’t care if you legally can carry around a weapon. Just don’t be dumb. Especially when your children are right there next to you. They didn’t choose any of this.