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Celebrating graduation with an AR-10

You know how some people pose and do a full photo shoot after they graduate? And they decorate their graduation caps? Well, yeah.

So yesterday Twitter went crazy with a Kent State graduate's decision to pose in her graduation photos with an AR-10 and a graduation cap decorated with the words "COME AND TAKE IT."


On Fox News, Kaitlin explains that she doesn't understand the race debate that was engaged after the posted pictures. It all has to do with white privilege. What Kaitlin Bennet clearly also doesn't understand, is that she DOES have white privilege. She is a white female. The epitome of white privilege. You can't deny that.

Whether you think people should be able to own AR-10s or whatever weapon they want, the fact that she thought this was a great idea to do on a college campus right now in the midst of much-needed student-led common-sense gun law change is extremely disheartening and insensitive. It's both a tiny step back for our nation's progress and also a loud cry for attention on social media and the like.

I would love to know what she would think if she saw anyone (any race...any gender) on her campus with the same or similar weapon. Is it still fine then? What if they were holding it differently? As long as they already graduated, it's ok? Not sure.