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Wired headphones

Wired headphones are super nostalgic to me. Growing up, I often had a pair around my neck. I can remember the exact pair I had too. They were Sony. I can't find a picture off Google but they were super basic and cheap, but they functioned exactly as they should have. And they lasted forever too. I had those until I got my first pair of Beats by Dre wired headphones (which I absolutely loved).

I currently have a newer set of Beats by Dre headphones but don't really have a function for them. I actually am not even sure where they are. And I've only used them a few times honestly. They are super sleek looking though. They're the matte black ones and are just stealthy. They're still wired though. Not the Bluetooth set.

Anyways, I was watching my YouTube subscriptions yesterday and came across a video by a tech reviewer that I like a lot, named Jonathan Morrison. He posted a video called "The Best Tech Gadgets Under $50 - April 2018." Video is below to watch.

The wired headphones are the item that caught my eye in this video. (The light is really cool, too, but I don't have a place for it right now.)

So the headphones are the Koss Porta Pros. I picked up a pair on Amazon and will have them tomorrow. I am excited to try them out and share my thoughts.

My idea is to use them at my desk at work. I don't often listen to music off my phone with earbuds or headphones. When I listen to music off my phone, I'm typically playing it out loud either on a Bluetooth speaker or just out loud while I shower. (So I won't need to use the dongle.)

Koss Porta Pro Headphones

Koss Porta Pro Headphones

The headphones look super retro which is awesome and they're made by Koss which is super cool. They're classic headphones and the design has been around for around 27 years. How cool is that? It apparently comes with a lifetime warranty which is always a plus too. I also especially like how minimal these headphones look. I opted for the pair with the black headband so they don't stand out as much on head, but the silver look just as nice. The sound is apparently very good for the low cost as well. The set sells for under $50, hence the video it was featured in.

I could also see myself potentially using this while playing on my Nintendo Switch.

I hope I love these headphones and start to use them in lieu of my earbuds. The earbuds I use are just basic Samsung ones that came with my Galaxy S7 Edge, nothing special, but they work. However, I think I am honestly starting to lose some hearing after essentially having earbuds in at least one of my ears close to 40 hours a week. I use them for like 9 hours a day at work. I literally only don't use them if in a meeting or on the phone.

Excited to check them out tomorrow!