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The immersion of arts technology

I think that I first saw the below trailer introducing Nintendo Labo a few months ago. Ever since then, I've been impressed. Arts Technology was my major at Illinois State University and it is so cool to see the idea growing to the mainstream.

To me the collaboration or coexistence of arts technology will always be relevant as technology advances and as kids just become naturally more immersed with tech in general. I am super excited for the advancements Nintendo made with the launch of these first two new Labo kits. Take a look at the video below.

It's essentially a way for kids to use the Nintendo Switch as a learning device while also still playing "games." They use perforated cardboard templates from Nintendo along with other basic accessories (string, tape, etc.) to create and ultimately transform their Nintendo Switch into a keyboard/piano, fishing rod, car, robot, and much more.

These "toys" or Nintendo Switch accessories are AWESOME to see being made. Kids/anyone will learn how to put things together, be creative and see sort of the science and physics behind how the technology works. It's just such a great concept and I cannot get over it.

Props to Nintendo for making these first two kits. Also, it's pretty cool that the kits (though expensive) aren't WAY more than a standard Switch game. Kit 1 (the variety kit) runs for $70 while Kit 2 (the robot kit) runs for $80. A standard game is roughly $60.