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Why's this cardboard so expensive?

I certainly could have included this segment into yesterday's blog but didn't find the material til later. There's another entity of Labo that I completely ignored in the previous post...and that's Toy-Con Garage. It lets you "hack" and "code" what you've created with cardboard to perform other tasks.

I think this is the part that intrigues me the most about Labo. The first video from The Verge shows an in depth look at how to do just that.

You can get VERY in depth with the entire mechanics of this incredible technology. It's a "toy-con," but not exactly a toy anymore.

Though I certainly would not go into the depths and create the other instruments and code them all in the backend of Toy-Con Garage, it's so impressive to see that the Nintendo Switch is capable of it. The Switch is a programming educational tool. I never thought I'd see this from Nintendo. But I'm glad that I am!

The appeal of this set of cardboard is now so much broader than just kids. This technology can grow with little kids who are into the Switch, like most people, for the video games.

I love the encouragement of programming at any age. I think it's super important and teaches you so much. This is something I really want to get my hands on. We'll see.