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Mental health in music

I wrote yesterday about Kanye's newest release titled ye. And I wrote about the first track is absolutely chilling and kinda disturbing. It's called I Thought About Killing You.

After listening to it a bunch of times, (as many as I could have after it was released), I started thinking about why is Kanye talking about this now? Though the taboo nature of the song isn't un-Kanye, it's just an angle we haven't yet heard from him. Even the fact that on the album art the words "I hate being bi-polar it's awesome" is written means something. Kanye is ok-ing the mental health conversation.

And I think the reason he is doing that now is because Logic had so much success and praise for doing the same. He opened the conversation about suicide, depression, and anxiety.

Artists steal ideas from each other all the time. There is no original idea anymore. So I really think Logic sort of paved the way for this to be "normal" in music, which is really cool.