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Clean products and website

I've been a fan of the brand "Mrs. Meyers" for years now. But recently, I became kind of obsessed. Naturally this happened at Target.

I am in love with the "Lemon Verbena" scent. It all started when I bought a few candles. And then I saw there were so many other products that were made by Mrs. Meyers in that same scent that I already love, so why wouldn't I try some of them out?

I got more candles...I am very unique and love candles. I also picked up the Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner spray, and the Room Freshener spray.

The Everyday Cleaner spray is what I use when I clean dust off my black furniture in my bedroom. I've also recently used it in the bathroom on the sink and it worked great. I don't need to buy Clorox wipes anymore!

The Room Freshener is amazing. I spray it in my bedroom all the time and it just makes the room smell SO GOOD AND CLEAN. Who would have thought?

I would recommend both of these products, and of course their candles, to everyone.

Yes, I actually love to clean. I am going to dust everything after I finish writing this. It's therapeutic to me, and before using Clorox wipes for everything didn't leave as satisfying a feeling as Mrs. Meyers does because it doesn't have that amazing scent.

So...the point of this post was to talk about how beautiful the Mrs. Meyer's website is. Check it out here. The home page is short and sweet and on my 27-inch iMac, I don't even need to scroll at all. I can see the entire page in one view. Awesome.

The top navigation bar simply works. Hover over the text and you'll see some nice finesse, with a drop shadow. After you hover over something in the nav, the dropdown window shows you all the options you have to specify what you're looking for. You highlight the "Lemon Verbena" scent for example, and it TURNS GREEN. Each scent is represented with a hover color of its respected color that you would recognize if you're familiar with their branding and packaging. It's beautiful and brilliant! Those little details are what takes a functional website from fine to beautiful!

I also love the style of art they have. It's super organic and just cute. There's a whimsical quality to it too, which is playful. The slider images are super simple and have a basic call to action that ties all the sliders together.

How satisfying is this spread of products?

How satisfying is this spread of products?

Mrs. Meyers as a brand is quite literally the best cleaning products I've ever used and has the best e-commerce site I've seen in a WHILE. I just subscribed to their emails and cannot wait to see them (dork).

This may be the weirdest blog post I've written yet. But I had to share.