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Mynt tracker

You may have heard of Tile, a smart technology which allows you to follow or track a device, or anything really, via Bluetooth on your smart phone. I haven’t heard any issues with Tile nor have I used it myself, but I recently heard of an alternative called Mynt which grabbed my interest.


I got one for my upcoming trip to Liverpool and I have it on the inside of my suitcase where you can’t see it. It’s pretty cool because not only does it track whatever you place it on, it offers other features as well.

It has the ability to act as a shutter for your smart phone camera when it’s propped up or on a tripod. It also can play and pause your music for you, or can be used as a clicker for presentations. It also can be used to find your phone. If you hold down the button on the tracker, it pings your phone and it makes a loud noise for as long as you hold down on Mynt. Pretty cool.

I will have to see how this thing actually works when needed, but so far, so good.

It’s also pretty cheap. It comes with an extra lithium battery too, which is nice, and in some nice sleek packaging.

On conception, we focused on creating an elegant and modern design that would improve the quality of life of a user. MYNT is streamline and petite, easy to fit in a wallet, attach to a keychain, or affix to a laptop or a TV remote. In addition, MYNT may also be embedded as a part of children’s clothing, or function as a pet tag.

MYNT is thin, small, and cute. You may easily place it on clothing, or hide it inside their clothes. The MYNT app on your cellphone will immediately warn you if children move outside of a preset area. The alert system generates real-time alerts.

MYNT’s back is designed to be flat and with a key ring hole. You can easily attach, stick or hook to all of your valuable items.when you forget to bring keys and wallet, or when your puppy runs away while you are talking to someone, your cell phone will let you know.

MYNT makes locating your car more convenient in a parking lot. MYNT app automatically records the location parked. The MYNT app provides an easy-to-use map and walking directions. The app accurately leads you to the car.

There are different models of Mynt, all at different price points. I grabbed myself the middle one.