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Happy birthday, Paul

So the other day on Facebook I saw (in one of my Beatles/Paul groups that I follow) that Paul is going to be on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segment this week. I am SOOOO excited. I watch all of the carpool karaokes just because they're so fun, but to have an artist I truly love be on it, will be awesome.

It also marks his 76th birthday, which was Monday.

I am so excited for all that he will be announcing this year. He recently started hinting at what most people are concluding to be his new album release on his social media pages, specifically Instagram.

We are also all waiting for his U.S. tour announcement...but my bank account is happy right now taking a break!

There is so much to say about Paul. He's truly a living legend and still rocking at 76. Every concert I see of his I am even more impressed and blown away. Here's some words from Rolling Stone in honor of his birthday.

"I'm proud of the Beatle thing," Paul McCartney told Rolling Stone in 1978. "It was great, and I can go along with all the people you meet on the street who say you gave so much happiness to so many people. I don't think that's corny." Even though it was Paul's 1970 solo debut that marked the end of the Beatles, it was Paul's post-Beatle career that was truest to the band's world-hugging, happiness-spreading vision, as he channeled his own changing inspirations and desires into beloved hits like "Baby I'm Amazed," "Jet" and "Band on the Run," as well as genius obscurities like "Monkberry Moon Delight." Our ranking of his 40 greatest solo songs is sure to start some arguments (his banned stoner-anthem rocker "Hi, Hi, Hi" makes the top 10 and his radio-dominating global smash "My Love" isn't here at all), and the picks run from pop to folk to punk and disco and beyond, as well as a few silly love songs – some of the greatest of all time, in fact. 

Also, check out the top 40 songs that Rolling Stone considers his best solo work.

I will have to compile a list of my own favorites, on another blog post to come.

Happy Birthday, Paul!