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Sam Smith x Logic "Pray"

Sam Smith x Logic "Pray"

Today Sam Smith released a new version of his song "Pray." This new release features Logic.

What I love most about this song, besides the fact that it has a strong message, is the fact that it's a REAL collaboration. Most "rap" and "pop" or "r&b" collabs now showcase the "rapper" spitting for like twenty seconds. And they probably never even met the artist whose track they're featured on. And you can tell in certain songs that they just weren't connected to the song. Or the inspiration was forced, and the song turns out weak.

But for Sam and Logic, that's not the case at all. Logic starts off the song and spits for a bit. Upon my first listen, I was HOPING that that wasn't all that we would hear from Logic. I'd be sad then and it would have been a rather disappointing collab. But no! Sam sings, then Logic has a whole verse. It's a really neat song and I love them working together.

They are both, in my opinion, at the top of their game. And to see great artists of different genres collaborate and create something beautiful like "Pray," is beyond incredible.

Take a listen to the song below and let me know your thoughts.

Logic and Sam Smith are all peace

I hope the two do more work together, as this was so successful and they are both artists who write "REAL" music. They write narrative and are inspired by life. It makes them a collab destined to happen, so I'm very happy it did happen so soon.