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Dead at 26


Yesterday word got out that rapper Mac Miller had been found dead from an apparent drug overdose. Not many details are out yet, but that's the jist of it so far. He was just 26. He just released, in my opinion, a really great album Swimming, and was starting his new tour next month. But now he's gone.

He paved the way for a lot of frat rappers and just innovative music in general. He started out as "easy mac with the cheesy raps" and then became the name that we know today and forever as Mac Miller...the artist who pushed the boundaries and showed true vulnerability and transparency in his lyrics.

I never saw Mac perform, but for some reason this celebrity death hits home for me. I am not sure why. I think because his newest album Swimming is so good. And it was hopeful. He seemed to be in a better headspace, and moving on after the troubles he had in the public. Of course, you never know exactly what someone else is going through unless you are that person.

I recently wrote about how I liked his cover versions of Bright Eyes' music so much more than the original songs themselves. Listen to some of my favorite Mac songs below.

The above song Poppy really helped me get through my grandfather's passing years back. It made me cry every time, but it was nice to hear something I could relate to. It really helped me.

I really will miss you Mac. You were so rare. So refreshing the music industry.

Thank you for the music. It won't stop playing.