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The return of Roseanne

I truly don't watch much TV at all. I'm much more of a YouTube and Netflix consumer. But last night was the season premier of the new season of the classic American sitcom, Roseanne. And my mom wanted to watch it together, so we did. View the trailer below.

I saw a billboard of the couple on 294 and thought it was adorable, promoting the show. It made me want to watch it before my mother brought it up.

And I actually was never a massive Roseanne fan, but I did watch it from time to time when it was on (which was quite often) and found it hysterical. Even when I was much younger. And last night's two brand new episodes were no different.

My mom and I were both laughing out loud throughout the show. It has its serious parts but still cuts it with Roseanne's crude humor and makes it extremely entertaining. Also the reference to current events makes it even funnier. "You voted for HIM!"

I used to be obsessed with Full House. I've seen every single episode at least twice...I watched the entire series with my roommate in college thoughout our years in the dorms. And they were still just as funny. But when Netflix came out with Fuller House, I was skeptical. I'll be honest. The first two seasons were funny and I got through all the episodes, though I wasn't necessarily super interested in the new character additions and the fact that Danny, Joey and Jesse weren't really even in it. Then the third season came out and I watched one episode and had to cut it off.

I hope this doesn't happen with Roseanne.

I think Roseanne is different though. She is the main character and is just as funny as before. As long as they have her on the show, they are golden. I mean, the show is named after her, after all.

I am looking forward to more laughs with this show. Let's see what else the Conner's have in store for us.