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One of my favorite more independent artists is rapper Sam Lachow. AKA Sammy Huckleberry Lachow. I believe I first found him on YouTube and just kept listening since. Below is a series of 6 videos called "80 Bars" where he raps on songs that most everyone knows. It's like a mashup but a very well produced one with cool videos to go along with it.

No video for Part 4. SMH Sammy.

I love his flow and just how fun his songs and videos are. He gets real on tracks too, but it's nice to see someone who can spit over these tracks and make them sound different yet still known.

He recently released a project which you can hear on Spotify. It's called Motels and Minivans. It's pretty good. My favorite track is the opening one titled "Tour Music." If you like the above "80 Bars" series, you'll definitely appreciate his deeper tracks as well. Take a listen at more of his Spotify stuff and you'll be into it.