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Sam the cooking guy

I recently came across a new YouTuber (to me) who I can’t stop watching. His channel is called Sam The Cooking Guy and he has videos to cover just about any topic in food that you’d want to see online.

He did this great 10-spot stop of places to eat in London that I found while researching for my trip and that’s sort of what got me into him, though I do remember seeing him on YouTube before in a different cooking video. This “diners, drives, dives” style of video is not his bread and butter, but it certainly could be. Check the video below.

But he also has so many other videos with a different, just straight forward cooking vibe. Most are done outside, and he has an awesome set up. Take a look at some more of those videos above. I like his personality and how nonchalant he is about cooking and his methodology in the kitchen.