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Spice up your life

I've been a Spice Girls fan since as long as I can remember. And I'm not at all embarrassed to admit it. I saw them once in the 90s with my mom, sister, and cousins? I think. And then once again on their reunion tour in my sophomore year of high school with my best friend Lauren.

I don't remember the first concert so much as I do the second. But the second was amazing. We had great seats at the United Center and were up dancing and singing to each and every song. It was so powerful and nostalgic.

I feel the group gets a bad rep but they truly were an integral part of my childhood. They represent the first time I got truly attached and connected to music. They are that group for me. The Beatles of my an extent.

They took over the world in a sense. They made us all feminists before we even knew what it meant. GIRL POWER was so cool. Girl Power was mainstream. How cool of a thought is that?

The girls all represented their own "thing," yet came together to represent the essence of girl power and female empowerment all through music. Music is so powerful!

Recently there were rumors of the group getting back together for another reunion tour. I've heard, however, that is false. But if it were true, I would have no choice but to go and relive part of my childhood with their concert.

Honestly, I still listen to their music to this day. It's good!

"Mama" is quite possibly the best Mother's Day song ever. (Close ties are obviously "Dear Mama" by Tupac and "Hey Mama" by Kanye.) Such a sweet tribute to all of their mothers.

Around the time of their reunion tour, they released "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)," which is like the most poetic way the group could reunite. Take a listen to a live performance of the song above.