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Girl power is alive and well

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This morning there was another very exciting tour announcement…a group I have seen twice, many years back. I think the second show that I saw them was in 2008. I was a sophomore in high school. I remember it was one of my favorite concerts ever.

So who am I talking about? The Spice Girls of course. They just announced a reunion tour in the UK that starts on the first of June in Manchester. It appears to just be a 6 show tour for the UK at this point, but more dates could always be added for months following.

I would love to see them again. Their reunion tour “The Return of the Spice Girls” that I saw back in 2008-ish was incredible. This one, however, will not have Posh Spice. It’s disappointing but I'll take 4 Spice Girls over 0 Spice Girls.

Really hoping they come together for a tour in the United States. This is kinda a big deal.

I also wonder if they will release any new music to further hype up this tour? I think the promotional video they produced to announce the tour is awesome. It reminds me of the Spice World movie, which in itself was basically their attempt at getting on the big screen as much as The Beatles did. It was just a very smart move for them.

In late March, information popped up that the ladies have signed on to at least one big Spice Girls reunion project: an animated superhero film based on the group, bringing their personas to the big screen for a new generation. The project is reportedly being shopped around Hollywood, with the original Spice Girls ready to serve as voice actors for each of the roles of Posh, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Ginger. A source told Variety that the women are “fired up about the idea” and are “thinking big in terms of a franchise on a global scale.” So while a reunion tour seems less and less likely with each passing year, a reunion of another sort is definitely looking plausible in the near future.