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Dear Squarespace

As I’ve said in previous blogs, I use my new iPad Pro for the majority of my blogging, among other things. And I’ve noticed some small nuance between using an iMac with Sqaurespace vs. the iPad Pro with the Squarespace blog app that I think should be easy fixes.

You can add almost all your content and media in the blog app. But you cannot add a newsletter block. Why not? I assume because you need to connect your email account and the sheet you want to populate with the data, but that should sort of be standard. If we cannot add newsletter blocks on the blog app, can we at least duplicate a previous post and change the text? Or make some sort of master blog template (like your master page in InDesign)? I feel those are adequate work around. I shouldn’t have to go from iPad to iMac just to add the silly newsletter block. 

Even adding images and videos is much simpler than I imagined on the iPad. You simply copy and paste the URL of the video you want to share and throw it in the video block and boom, it’s there. Images aren’t much different. 

Even adding tags and your excerpt are very simple and intuitive on the iPad with the blog app. It’s really just the newsletter block that annoys me. 

I would really love if you could duplicate previous posts—please, Squarespace?