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Trading Spaces is a joke

Trading Spaces reunion

Trading Spaces reunion

Recently TLC's Trading Spaces TV show has restarted again. The show was super popular when it started, as it was on TLC around 4 PM, when kids were home after school. The kids started watching it and got their parents to watch it, too. The show then picked up and got a 7 PM showtime, legitimizing the show a bit more. Though the show is obviously "interior design" focused, it's goofy too so I could see how kids started getting into it.

The show's premise: two sets of "neighbors" literally trade spaces (one room of their choice) for 48 hours. They have to redesign the entire space into something they hope the other neighbors will like. They have the help of a "designer" and a carpenter to make this possible. Back when the show started, the budget was $1,000.00 per room. Now, in 2018 their individual budget doubled and is $2,000.00 per "team."

The show is back with the same host, Paige Davis, along with the same designers and carpenters. (I think there's a few new designers but not too many.)

The thing that I can't get enough of is the fact that these rooms 90% of the time turn out absolutely RIDICULOUS. The teams are allowed to steal furniture from other rooms in the house to make the "new" room look better or more complete. So essentially they trash your entire house (maybe steal a couch from your living room) to put in the basement because they want seating down there now while in the process of "re-designing" your other space. The concept is such a mess it's actually humorous.

Above is a great compilation of reveals where the couples hated their "new" rooms. Take a look.