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Solo dolo

Today on Twitter I saw a tweet about "the joy of going to the movies by yourself."

The tweet reads:

I started going to the movies by myself at the age of 12. I was ashamed and lived in fear of being seen and judged by other kids who knew me - something that took me years to let go of. But to this day it’s one of my favorite ways to see a film.
— James Gunn

The tweet also linked to an article, which you can read in full here. It goes on to say, "OPINION: YOU SHOULD PROBABLY GO TO MORE MOVIES BY YOURSELF. Antisocial as it sounds, sometimes the best moviegoing experiences are the ones you undertake by yourself."

I so agree with the author's points. He expresses that he doesn't necessarily like planning and scheduling around a group of other people, when he could just go and see the film he actually wanted to see alone. How true.

I find that to be incredibly true for myself at concerts. As I've written about countless times on this blog, I go to as many Paul shows as I can. And I am used to paying over $200 a ticket. And I'm fine with that. That's not a brag, it's just to show perspective. Obviously a friend of mine who isn't even a Paul or Beatles fan will think that price-point for a ticket is ridiculous and want to sit somewhere cheaper. Well, I'm not into that. I want the best experience I can get, and that's what I do. Also, you don't go to a concert to talk to your group. You go there to talk to them before and after and get drinks, but to me a concert doesn't have to be a super social event. I always chat with people around me in my seat, but I don't need friends and people whispering in my ear while I'm trying to enjoy my favorite artist of all time. :)

It's a weird thing to think about, and an even stranger thing to do. I've found that traveling alone for a short weekend trip is such a joy, too. You literally get to do whatever you want. Don't feel like waking up super early to be on your friend/family's schedule on the trip? Sleep. Want to just chill in the room? Do that. The solitude in that is so rewarding and therapeutic. I wouldn't want to do this for much more than a weekend, personally, but two nights is totally fun and a great experience. Probably my favorite trip alone was to Miami, FL for Paul's opening night of his U.S. tour last year. It was the first time I flew to another state alone for a weekend trip alone and it is an experience I'll always remember. You can really learn a lot about yourself this way too.

What's there to fear? You can't spend time by yourself?