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Bono can sing


So on Tuesday night, I saw U2's concert at the United Center. It was absolutely incredible.

I had a great 100-level seat and actually had two open seats next to me. Bono's voice is absolutely on point and the lighting and just overall concert production was fantastic. It's certainly one of the best concerts I went to, and I've been to a lot!

Something I take pride in is seeing these great artists perform while they are still doing it! I have 3 Elton shows coming up and a Billy Joel show as well. I would definitely see U2 again.

I purchased a program from the merch stand and it's so cool. I wish I could show a picture of each page. The paper quality and the finish is so nice. It's a really cool piece and I'm glad I got it. I hate when shows (big arena shows) don't have a program. I love to keep it as a remembrance of the show as well as the ticket stub.

The stage was so cool. It was a long runway type setup and the band came out from inside of an LED wall. Super cool. And near the beginning of the show, Bono actually took a fall. It looked pretty bad on video. I didn't see it at the concert, though...and no one around me noticed it. Take a look at the clip above.

Overall, I absolutely loved the show and was so impressed with Bono's voice and animate personality. I liked the political messages they were sending through the LED walls, too. I love a concert that makes you think.