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Sold out Van Gogh sneakers


Collaborations in the fashion and street wear world are common and often huge successes. Think of Louis x Supreme for example, it’s a mega-brand now.

Today on Twitter I saw a collab which I thought was extremely interesting and totally up my alley. Unfortunately the items I wanted to grab were already sold out at the point where I found out about them. It’s the Vans x Van Gogh collab. There are 3 pairs of sneakers, a few t-shirts, sweatshirts, a cap, and some other items including a backpack.

The sneakers I wanted were sold out which I was bummed about. They’re the Sunflowers True White sneakers, going for $65.00 retail though they’re sold out. I ended up picking up a pretty basic black hat, called the Skull Hat. It was $40.00 which is high but reasonable for this type of hat. 

I hope to see more collabs like this in the future, and know of them in advance so I can cop!