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SOTD: Wala cam

In the above Genius clip, Chance explains Wala Cam, one of the four new songs he recently dropped. He explains the meaning of it and what it means to Chicago and juking in general. He talks about how he used to dance as a kid, and did a Michael Jackson impersonation that was one for the books.

It's sort of an ode or extension to his track with Bieber on Coloring BookJuke Jam.

This was definitely the one song that he dropped recently that had to grow on me. I now love it, but before wasn't into it just cause I didn't know what Wala Cam was or what he was saying. It's cool to me now.

The song is named after a platform for Chicago hip-hop & R&B artists. It promotes the up and coming artists of the city and now is a blog and online radio station, too. There are events hosted throughout the city that also showcase the local music and dance scene. Wala Cam also hosts a dance competition called Da War Zone, which Chano also alluded to on this track, "Trying to be like story mode, you belong at the war zone on Wala Cam."