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What's in my bag?

On YouTube, the genre of tech is extremely multi-faceted as it includes videos of consumers unboxing items, reviewing items, and just using items. But that’s not it. There’s also this section of YouTube that has tons of “What’s In My Bag/My Tech Gear” / etc. Weird concept? Kind of. But if you’re super into tech, it’s really interesting to watch and you can learn a lot.

The videos are soothing to me because they’re TYPICALLY so organized. You can even tell just from the thumbnails of the clips above. People obsess over their gear and it’s just interesting to get that inside look into a tech nerd’s bag. Some stuff these YouTuber’s carry around definitely isn’t necessary for your average person or average tech geek, but, nonetheless, it’s cool to see! 

I personally love watching these videos, especially before I travel, to get ideas of things I may be missing or I may forget or just new items that I need to pick up to maximize my trip. 

Take a look at the videos above and let me know your thoughts!