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Deep Dive: Yellow Submarine

A year after The White Album, The Beatles release Yellow Submarine. They also make a film out of it.

I'm going to start off by honestly saying I do not care for this album in the slightest. So this may be a rather short post.

The album opens with Ringo's infamous "Yellow Submarine."

"Only A Northern Song" is up next and it's a George song. I do like this one. It was originally written for Sgt. Pepper but didn't make the cut.

The third song is one by Paul. "All Together Now" isn't a favorite of mine, but I don't hate it. I have seen him perform this song once or twice and it isn't exactly a crowd favorite either. But it's a good sing along. It's a children's song.

"Hey Bulldog" is a rock anthem that I love. It's by John. The bass line on this track is incredible.

"It's All Too Much" is the fifth song on Yellow Sub. George said, “It’s All Too Much was written in a childlike manner from realizations that appeared during and after some LSD experiences and which were later confirmed in meditation.”

Next up is the Beatles hippie anthem, "All You Need Is Love." It was originally on Magical Mystery Tour. The video, is great though.

The rest of the album is instrumental that goes along with the film. There are seven more tracks. 

All in all, I do not like this album much at all. It just doesn't do anything for me. I do, like five of the six SONGS on here, but nothing to write home about. I also saw the film and didn't care for it either. Oh well, it's still The Beatles.